Digital Marketing Strategies Essentials

Nowadays, having a digital marketing strategy is a common thing. Firms will allocate some of their budgets to this area hoping to generate more returns in the future. However, just doing the strategy does not mean that it will be effective for the business. For example, doing a traditional way of online advertising will result in annoyance rather than effective. Based on Bannerslack Blog, 54% of internet users are not trusting the banner ads they see, let alone for them to interact.


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So, here are a few ways by Jeremy Goldman to ensure that the digital marketing strategy is in the right path.

1. Prioritise customer’s needs

Developing the product to keep on maximising its potential is a good thing, but customer’s needs should be placed first. If the product has a lot of features but it does not satisfy the needs of the customers, then it would bring no good. Retargeting can sometimes be necessary to ensure that the product is aimed at the right target market while suiting their needs.

2. Maximise search engine optimisation (SEO)

Search engine optimisation can help the product to reach all people within the targeted segment. Moreover, the business can find the keywords that the viewer searched that led to the firm’s page. By knowing these, it could increase the exposure of the brand by focusing on the specific elements.

By doing these, I personally think that it would increase sales and growth.

What do you guys think?




  1. You’ve got a good point here Elbert, I personally think that by maximising search engine optimisation or otherwise known as SEO is one of the ways to increase sales and growth. If a business uses digital marketing and be the businesses that are on the first page on for example Google, then they are more likely to be clicked by the potential customers first rather than the websites on the second or the third page, as some people like myself are too lazy to go to the other pages.


    • Yes i agree with you. I wouldn’t even bother to look at websites that are offered down below in a page. Therefore, SEO can be used to get attraction and thus for the company to get growth.


  2. Interesting post!! I do agree with you that prioritising needs and using of SEO would bring digital marketing content to success. I think the digital marketing content should be easy to digest as customer would not like to spend much effort on understanding the advertisement, therefore marketers should also make the advertisement more understandable but still attributing value to customer.


    • Yes its true that the content should be able to be easily understood, however it should also be creative to get attraction. Moreover, the content itself should be clear and does not have the potential to be misleading.

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